Celebrating Roscoe

Opus has declared today, their 13th birthday, to be a day of celebrating his brother Roscoe’s life. We’re here as a family, but Percy and Rusty would like to say a few words first.

Percy: When I joined the CCSI cast of “The Santa Caper” last year, I wasn’t aware there would be a formal cast party. Jan couldn’t afford to buy me a suitable wardrobe for the trip, so I wasn’t going to attend. Opus and Roscoe generously offered to lend me whatever I needed, including one of their spare tuxedos.

Opus, Percy and Roscoe

When I got home, I found their tuxedo at the bottom of my suitcase. I offered to return it, but the guys told me it was a gift. Opus might not know that before I left, Roscoe offered to give me the orange tux he originally purchased for the party.

Roscoe had a special flair for wearing flamboyant outfits. Nothing was too outlandish for him, but Opus and I both lack the ability to carry it off with Roscoe’s panache, so I didn’t accept the gift. I really admired Roscoe for being comfortable with himself and not letting others deter him from living his life with zeal and passion.

Rusty: I still chuckle at the memory of Opus yelling, “Shark, shark,” as Sassy, Momo, Charlie and the rest of the group on a cruise around the bay watched a fin slowly approach the boat.When Opus’ voice rose several octaves and he started screaming, “Seriously, get out of the water, there’s a real shark coming,” we rolled on the deck with laughter as Roscoe’s body suddenly sprang from the water and he started cat paddling as fast as he could for safety. When he caught his breath, he chased Opus around the boat for spoiling his joke.

JFF: At Karl’s party, after a few too many “BBQ’d lizards,” Roscoe dared Buddy to go off the high dive into the hot tub. A hot tub does not have a high dive. The only high diving that day was Buddy trying to climb the tree limb that stretched above the tub. (In case you haven’t met Buddy yet, he’s a 50+ pound hound dog.

We all really enjoyed Roscoe’s sense of humor and adventure.We have seen so many pictures of Roscoe, some serious and some in jest.We all agree that this is one of our favorites.

Roscoe, we wish you were here today celebrating your birthday with Opus and your folks, wearing your bathing cap, drinking a niptini, and playing pranks on your guests. We all miss you, but we have wonderful memories, and we will see you again one day at the bridge.

And Opus, allowing Roscoe to have the limelight is just your nature, but you also deserve special recognition today. We know Cyndi and Danilo are giving you extra attention, but we want to wish you a very special Happy Birthday! – and many more to come.

Photos are courtesy of Sassy, Opus & Roscoe


Sassy Kat said...

We did have a lot of fun. Roscoe is missed by all of those that knew him. Hopefully the lonely feelings and sadness will not be as fresh. Now he is no longer ill.
We will see him again some day.