What I shared with Roscoe and Opus was feetsball. I would update them every week on how the Colts did. One year we went through weeks of the Colts being unbeaten. Then finally success in that the Colts made it to the Stouper Bowl.
When the day came for them to cheer their team on, they did it up right. Blue and white wigs and painted their faces blue and white too. Their mum hosted a party as well, even though it was very late, actually early the next morning. It was quite a party, but they got to cellybrate a win.

Now Roscoe can watch all of the feetsball he wants from up on high.

Farewill my dear furiend. I will miss your but know that you are in a better place.

Purrs and love,

Derby, The Sassycat


Sassy Kat said...

Roscoe now has a great seat to watch the football. I can just see him now cheering on the Colts!