Sweet Sweet Roscoe

I don't even know how to begin to put into words how much you have been a part of our family. Even though we never met, the mom of the house has shared many sweet loving stories about you. You and Opus were her first grand kitties and the two of you had plenty of love to go around for everyone.

Grammy picked the photos (she couldn't decide on one) that I am using for this post. She told me that one of your favorite places to take a rest was on the kitchen chair. When the chair would be pulled out from under the table your sweet little face would be looking up to see who had disturbed your sleep. Your gran was always happy to have you on her chair because she would get an extra hug and snuggle from you when she gently lifted you up off of the chair.

Where to begin? Opus and Roscoe, Roscoe and Opus, you two have always been together since you were born. You cannot say one name without saying the other as you were always side-by-side, looking out for each other.

You were always the first one ready to go out on an adventure. You dazzled us with all of your out-of-this-world clothes but for you your clothes were never too over-the-top.

You were instrumental in getting CCSI (Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigaton) off the ground by writing and directing, with your brother, the first episode and seeing that this show was of the highest standards. You wanted to involve as many of those in the blogging community as you could and offered open cast calls. The rest as they say in history: we have had three award winning CCSI shows with the promise of more to come. All of the future shows will be done to honor your memory.

All of our adventures are captured in the many photographs taken along the way. I could hardly wait until a holiday was rolling around. I would keep an eye out and be so happy when you had a trip in mind. The more the merrier, but of course we had plenty of R&R time too.

I cannot believe that you are not here where we can see and hear you. My heart and your grammy's heart are so heavy that sometimes we think they will break. At times your name will bring the tears to the eyes. We know we are being selfish because we still want you here with us. Our brain tells us that we knew you were ill and had to go to The Rainbow Bridge, but are heart doesn't want to listen to that. We know that it was your time to go and that now you are forever free of any pain or illness. You have new friends you have met since you went to the bridge and also are with your old friends who were waiting for you to join them.

We all will meet again and forever be together someday. You are gone too soon from our lives but never forgotten. We think of you every day and will love you forever.

Rest well sweet little one.
Sassy & Grammy


The Cat Realm said...

Sassy is right - it is hard to even imagine a CCSI show without Roscoe...but the show must go on, he would say, I am sure. And even if his physical body is not here anymore, his spirit will always be alive!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Life is hard but the hardest part is often saying good-bye to those we love. We miss them in our everyday lives and we find it hard to soldier on without them.

MoMo said...

I will always miss you!!!