You Will Always Be Part Of Our Family

The very first time I met Opus and Roscoe was for their birthday party last year! And I was two days late as is evidenced in the date of my comment....
It was such a full year - producing capers with CCSI, traveling the world together, having glorious parties - it sure feels like a whole lifetime that we have known each other.

Roscoe and his brother Opus - "the Italians" - visited Ruis and me on our Antarctica cruise, we went to Cheerleading Academy together and celebrated the carnival in Venice. We traveled to Ireland via Italy, partied in New York City and roamed the African countryside. And of course "the Italians" came over to Arizona for our first blogoversary party and we worked together on two CCSI prodcutions.
Roscoe and Opus threw the best bachelor party ever for Ruis and me and became our best men, the bestest men a couple could wish for!
And they also organized the most beautiful wake for our beloved Emil, who left for the bridge about three month before Roscoe.
To say I will miss you Roscoe does not even start to describe it. Who will wear a pink glitter outfit like you did, jump on a zebra's back in a heartbeat, dare a rhinoceros with a torero's cape, join the Masai in dance and swim with hippos?

Dear Roscoe, you will always be a part of our family here at The Cat Realm. And while your body might not be with Mrs. OZ, Tintin and me anymore, your spirit always will be. And I know that at the bridge you will get into mischief with our two other beloved members of The Cat Realm, Anastasia and Emil.

I miss you friend, brother, buddy, colleague....
Your Karl


Sassy Kat said...

That was such a sweet tribute to Roscoe. I know you guys all did your things and together became great friends. Yes, I miss him too. I know he is playing with Anastasia and Emil plus others that have gone before him. Some day you will see him again.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, you were such good friends. You must miss him very much!

MoMo said...

What a great picture. Brings back so many memories of the fun we had together!